Did your shopping spree turn into a masterpiece at our gallery during your Netherlands visit? Good news! You might be in for a tax (VAT) refund party, and we’re here to guide you through the process with our friends at Schiphol.

Qualification Criteria:
🌍 Your home is beyond the European Union.
💶 You splurged at least €50 per shop on the same artsy day.
🛫 You fly your purchases out of the EU within three months of artistic acquisition.

How to Get Your Tax Refund:

First, grab a tax-free form at participating shops, fill it out, and attach your original receipt.
Head to Schiphol with your completed forms for the ultimate finale.

Airport Shenanigans:

  1. Get Customs Stamps: Strut to the customs desk with your form, receipt, art loot, passport, and flight details.
  2. Score a stamp if you’re approved – it’s your golden ticket!
  3. Collect Your Money:
    – Option 1: Instant VAT refund party at the Global Blue or Travelex desk.
    – Option 2: Choose the chill vibe with a credit card refund. Pop your stamped forms into the special mailbox, and your credit card will do a happy dance within a few weeks.