Karel Appel (Amsterdam, 1921 – Zürich, 2006), born in Amsterdam, was one of the founding artist of the CoBrA movement, which stands for Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The Cobra movement was a mid-20th century avant-garde art movement originating in post-World War II Europe, characterized by spontaneous, intuitive creation and a rejection of traditional artistic conventions.

Tuesday (Coockey)

This lithograph from Karel Appel has Appel’s dog Coocky at the MainStage. It’s a vibrant and spontaneous composition bursting with energetic brushstrokes and vivid colors, embodying the artist’s expressive and playful style. Size: 32.2 x 24.8 in.


Karel Appel’s “Cats” shows playful cats with bold colors and lively strokes, capturing their charm and fun-loving nature.
Size: 24 x 31.5 in

Composition with figures

Karel Appel’s “Composition with Figures” is a vibrant artwork featuring bold colors and abstract forms, capturing a sense of dynamic movement and expression in a visually compelling composition. Size: 20 x 26 in.